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IFS Group Supervision Experience - facilitated by Dr Shaun Dempsey February to May 2024

Facilitated by Dr Shaun Dempsey, this is a monthly 2-hour group run from February to May via Zoom.  The aim of the group is is to provide a space for you as a therapist/practitioner to become more familiar with the principles of IFS in your practice. Additionally, because I am a Certified IFS therapist you will be able to claim a portion of your involvement with the group toward your own certification process as per the current certification guidelines. Involvement in this supervision group is also intended to provide therapists/practitioners with the opportunity to:

  • engage with like-minded therapists;

  • access support around using the IFS model; and

  • contribute to the establishment of a positive, supportive and encouraging IFS community in Australia.


The group will provide an opportunity for therapists/practitioners to discuss the case they are presenting and give details of how they might be stuck in using the model. I will provide my own perspective on the cases presented while drawing heavily on the existing expertise within the group. Sometimes the issues are around what the client brings to the session, and sometimes the issues are around what we as therapists/practitioners bring to the session and the group will aim to be open to both those possibilities. Ultimately the energy of the group will be about connecting, encouraging, and bringing people together.

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