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IFS Group Consultation Experience - Working with Therapist Parts
facilitated by Dr Shaun Dempsey February to July 2024

Facilitated by Dr Shaun Dempsey, this is a monthly 90 minute IFS Consultation group runs from February  to July via Zoom.  This group is a space for you as a therapist to work on the typical therapist parts that may come up when engaging with clients.

Examples include parts that may feel: Anxious; Stuck or impatient; Not good enough as a therapist; Frustrated at a perceived lack of progress; Moments of Self-doubt; Times of being overwhelmed; Over-responsible; Judgmental; They want to help at all costs.

It is anticipated that working through our own therapist parts will help consolidate and deepen our understanding of the principles of IFS in our practice.  Shaun is a Certified IFS therapist and an IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant so you may be able to claim a portion of your involvement with the group toward your own IFS certification process. If this is part of your motivation for joining the group – please check the IFS-I guidelines for certification which have changed recently.


Involvement in this consultation group is also intended to provide therapists with the opportunity to: engage with like-minded therapists; access support around using the IFS model; and contribute to the establishment of a positive, supportive, and encouraging IFS community in Australia

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