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IFS Supervision Group - Working through Sexual Issues
Facilitated by Kate Dempsey
January to April 2024

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful, evidence-based and non-pathologising model of psychotherapy that is highly effective for working through sexual issues. Whether it is for expanding erotic potential or easing internal distress, IFS can help clients understand their internal parts to create more pleasurable and empowering sexual experiences.


This group is a reflective, educational space for you to become more familiar with the principles of IFS and build skills and increase confidence in using the model effectively.  A combination of case presentations and group discussions drawing from the expertise within the group, will form the basis of this supervision space.


This space will also help you with identifying your own therapist parts that come up when working with clients around sexual issues.  It is also an opportunity to become connected to an inclusive and supportive Australian IFS community. 

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