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IFS Consultation Group - Working with Male Clients
facilitated by Sean Cuthbert 
February to April 2024

Despite help seeking becoming somewhat de-stigmatised, men are still in the minority as consumers of therapy. Accessing cutting-edge psychotherapies like IFS are even more challenging for this group as the process may seem a little “woo woo”, focusing on sub-intellectual processes such as affective states, embodiment, and internal experiences that don’t play to many men’s strengths.


This consultation group is a reflective, educational space for both male and female therapists who work with male clients to become more familiar with and build confidence in utilising the IFS model, particularly in working effectively with male clients, in all of the diversity of their experience. Each session is 60 minutes (apart from the first session which will be 75 mins to allow for group introductions and establishing group rules). The small group sessions will feature an intro meditation followed by one participant presenting a case using the IFS suggested guidelines for case presentations. (Each participant will present twice during the group’s 10 week run).


Drawing heavily upon the shared group wisdom, the case presentation will open up possibilities for either: a robust Self-led group discussion of the case; an opportunity to work experientially with the presenter’s therapist parts activated around the client; or a roleplay where the presenter can “be” the client, while one of the participants or the facilitator will take the role of the therapist. This space will deepen your understanding of the IFS model, particularly in how to flexibly adapt the model to male clients, and identifying your own therapist parts that come up when working with men, particularly those with extreme parts.

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